Sunday, September 21, 2008

Awards Are Falling From the Sky Like Diseased Birds

Just the other day I found that I was the recipient of another fantastically shiny award. Either people like me or there's some kind of underground movement to bestow pity upon me or my name is just easy to spell. No matter why, I'm grateful - mostly because I don't have to write a real post today now.

This particular award comes from Eve Cleveland, who is my second favorite person named after a city in Ohio with a distasteful smell about it (first being Rolando Toledo, a prominent horticulturist in my 'hood). Eve runs a hilarious site called Thats Funny Because, which makes milk come out my nose even when I haven't been drinking milk. She's that funny.

Of course, like any thing cool I receive from a woman, this award came with strings attached. However, I'm more than happy to follow the rules and give a shout out to a few blogs I feel are deserving of this award. These folks should be honored, because my one reader will be sure to click on their site - so thank you for making me laugh, and thanks to me for increasing your traffic by 1.

First, A Guy’s Guide to Oprah – for making it so I never have to actually watch the first lady of television, but can hear the latest escapades of the "Godfather of TV" anyway.

Next, Bee’s Musings for keeping me on the edge of my seat over the fate of a booger. Sorry Bee, since you're my one reader, you won't get that huge traffic spike everyone else will get, but no one else on this list had a booger on their sweater, so you're a double winner anyway.

The final three awards go to three blogs I like to lurk in the background on and stalk. Poo zen cracks me up. It's so simple that you think, "I could have done that," but you didn't because you're not funny enough and you aren't committed to the comedy gold that is poo. Mental Poo
which is less poo related than it would seem it should be, but chock full of those hilarious motivational posters. Finally, Out of the Mouth of Dave has a twisted take on just about everything which entertains, enlightens, and educates all at once.

Of course, all of you are supposed to play along now and award five fantastic blogs with this honor. Sorry, I didn't make the rules.


Bee said...

You chose well grasshoper. Ha ha!

(Except for Sensei. I mean, he is an Oprah groupie...)

Just kidding Sensei! (maybe)

Bee said...

Oh and THANKS! :o)

(was it because I was begging?)

Dave said...

I love your review of my blog - "twisted insight that is humorous and educational" I think I'll add your quote to my blog - love it thanks again...

RBV said...

Hey, at least you don't live in Cleveland...sad to say that after a year, I couldn't smell it anymore.

moooooog35 said...

Thanks, Mike!

I shall give you full recognition on or around whenever the Hell I fell like it.

Which is, right now, October 2.

Don't give me any shit, or I'll make it October 3rd.


I mean thanks again!